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Discussion on: Why Not Having a CS Degree is Awesome

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Sean Walton

Please forgive me but: What a ridiculous affirmation. For decades, I have repeatedly had to fix errors by those who claim to know how to program without getting a university approbation. I even almost fired for not being able to figure out "fred-enstein's monster", a database that broke every rule of database design and theory. Fred himself was not able to explain his work and very frankly disparaged anyone had formal training. The term "Paintball-programming" is dedicated to Fred.

There are very solid reasons for the need of computational theory not the least of which is being the poor guy has to support the mess after the hired hand leaves.

Places like "Big Nerd Ranch" are chock full of code crankers that spew such awful code -- that I have to consume or fix -- our project schedules elongate 2-3x!

Please don't dismiss years worth of training. Are you prepared for parallel (multi-threaded/task) programming? The use and limitations of mutexes? Knowing the difference between callback, event, queued, real time, or synchronous programming? Knowing whether a requirement is NP-hard or complete?