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re: Perhaps it’s worth to mention graphql ;) These technologies are great to learn (must). However, by the time you master them, it’s highly possible...

The idea of avoiding the popular thing just because it might lose popularity - is dangerous. You could really end up missing out. Things that are dwindling in popularity today can still remain in-demand in the job market for a while. And if not, you can always learn the next thing.


Right. I'm being self-critical that front-end technology is moving fast and keeps us chasing :)

I'm on the same page, no need to avoid stuff because it may trend down.

It's just, 'Web Development Projects that can definitely get you a job' may not be true after you master them~


Ya , I always say you have to stay in market. Don't just learn the technology, learn the concepts behind it. Learn Why it's so popular and then you can easily jump to the next thing


I'd reccomend learning gql purely because it's an absolute joy to work with imo.

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