Is an opinionated framework good for newbies?

Sean on September 25, 2018

As a self-taught developer, I have a feeling my story is similar to others. I was first exposed to HTML and CSS followed by a smattering of Java... [Read Full]
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However, one of the biggest hurdles I faced as a self-taught newbie was learning the "Rails Way" of doing things.

Interestingly, when I transitioned from Rails to MERN, I felt like I never knew where to put things! I felt like if I did something I needed to document it all because conventions weren't enough.

There is plenty to like about MERN and other environments, but I loved Rails' opinions.

I'll also add for being pedantic that this discussion seems to be more about frameworks than languages. Ruby itself is not so much an opinionated language.


Great perspective! Finding a home for where different pieces of code should live is a daunting task, especially when starting with a few or no starter files.

And thanks for catching my error - meant framework, not language! There are actually a lot of features from Ruby that I really miss in JavaScript.

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