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Is this satire?

In case it is, let me make an ass of my self.

AngularJS is empirically worse than almost any other modern framework.
I literally cannot think of a single positive' metric that AngularJS excels at.

And mind you i have been using it since 0.9.something-something... :D


In fact we did not even have all the mouse events back then.

If wanted on hover events, i had to add the event to a string in the minified JS.
Minified JS is say!

(And yes i am baiting that one programmer who is gonna be like, when i was young we had punchcards, and we liked it! Which will probably be beat by the guy who did not have a sorting machine for his punchcards in case they got dropped etc... etc..)

This has been an officially sanctioned random outburst.
I am gonna go to bed now.

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