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Monday: Kubernetes, Docker and the Distributed Operating System

Google staff developer advocate Kelsey Hightower gives an overview of Kubernetes, an open-source distributed operating system that allows normal engineers to manage their resources at the scale that Google does. With Docker providing the APIs to make containers easy to work with, Kubernetes allows processes to be easily distributed and replicated across a data center.

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Tuesday: Falcor and React at Netflix with Brian Holt

We move closer to the front-end, exploring data fetching with Falcor. At Netflix, building a user interface requires data about movies, actors, users, accounts, and much more. If each piece of data is coming from a different source, a programmer has to call each of the services that has access to that data. Falcor is a piece of technology designed at Netflix to solve this problem.

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Wednesday: Open Source Pancreas with Dana Lewis

Dana Lewis is a developer of an open-source, closed-loop artificial pancreas called the Do-It-Yourself Pancreas system. Dana joins the show to discuss how she hacked together her artificial pancreas using a Raspberry pi plugged into these medical devices.  This is a fascinating story of reverse engineering, internet of things, and the hacker mentality.

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Thursday: Virtual Reality Best Practices with Andreia Gaita

Andreia Gaita from github takes us on a tour through virtual reality. Best practices for VR development have not become widespread throughout the developer community. If you are developing VR software, you need to know how to avoid making the user sick, and this requires an understanding of the hardware limitations. 

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Friday: Open Source Podcasting with The Changelog

The Changelog is one of the most popular Software Engineering Podcasts in existence. Open source software moves fast, and The Changelog helps developers keep up with that rapid pace by publishing consistent podcasts and newsletters. When I started Software Engineering Daily, Changelog was one of the shows that I looked at for inspiration on how to succeed as a software podcaster. It was a privilege to interview Adam Stacoviak and Jerod Santo, hosts of The Changelog.

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O’Reilly OSCON

I’ll be attending OSCON in Austin this year. Thanks to O’Reilly for providing media access. Andreia Gaita, Kelsey Hightower, Brian Holt, and Dana Lewis will also be attending OSCON and giving talks.

If you want to buy tickets to OSCON, you can get a 30% discount by using offer code PCSED. 

Are you going to OSCON? Let me know and I will bring you a t-shirt.

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