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Calling out on Myself

segnova profile image Joshua Segura ・2 min read

This the first time I am calling myself publicly that I am a procrastinator and I have fear of change. I tend to follow the flow of life. Any recommendation I get, I tend to listen but not do. I have list of great ideas from articles, books, etc. But don't nothing with it.

Something hit me last week, I do not know if this is what you call an epiphany, but I have been slowly getting certifications taking my time to understand the lesson but not utilizing in a project, just adding it to my resume.

I am getting sick and tired of waiting for the opportunity or hoping for something to come. I was looking back my assigned projects, I starting to realize they're just barely passable. I am not liking this.

I need to call it out, I am too comfortable. I need to push harder and be ready for that job and stop hoping for someone to guide me.

So here are the my rule for myself:

  1. Need learn 30 minutes or more a day.

  2. Implement what I learn to older projects.

  3. Teach on what I learn.

  4. Update what I am learning or project I am doing publicly.

  5. Stop fearing something New or Failures.

With this,I did start yesterday a 30 days challenge on Codecademy but I feel I need to post for myself and hopefully this will help someone else.

My name is Joshua (aka Nova), graduated with a Computer Engineering Degree and now I am pursuing to get a Full Stack Engineer Certification, with a goal get a full-time job as a Web Developer.

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