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You can always download StackOverflow documentation for offline use with Dash (macOS)

Quite useful when traveling or when your internet goes out!

You can also download official docsets for offline use in both Dash and Zeal(linux/Windows) but there is no feature parity for SO Offline in Dash/Zeal unfortunately.


I wish people moved towards a distributed network where offline reading is a given. ZeroNet got that thing right.


I’m very fond of making this available with, it's much more feasible for us than others because we built for CDN-oriented distribution from day one, so an extra layer at the absolute edge wouldn’t be a dramatic leap.

Still an undertaking though.

Offlining an application can be quite huge. The biggest thing is cache invalidation. I was mostly scared about updating content when I was doing this sort of thing at work.

Add opaque responses, storage quotas, inter-operation with the main thread, multiple tabs, and so on, and it turns out that making an offline PWA is quite an undertaking.

Oh yes, I couldn’t agree more. Even our modest service worker integrations have been iffy thus far.

But I still feel like it’s a pretty interesting pursuit.

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