What did you learn this week? πŸ“–πŸ”ŽπŸ€”

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Out of all the professions, out there we developers are so blessed because we get to learn lifelong. It makes us to think. The more we think more we learn.

Acquiring new or modifying existing knowledge, skill, behaviour, values and preferences is learning.

What did you learn this week?

I learnt a ton this week, out of them I learnt more about Spring-Kofu expect me to write a short blog post on that soon :)

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I learned about web crawling and gave it a go myself whilst learning go (heh) using the library gocolly.

Cool stuff, now that i know how to write a somewhat working crawler, i can start finding data for myself if i want to do something


I learned about finite state machines and wrote a little something here on dev.to. The name is a little intimidating but it was actually fun to built something that way.


This I started study docker, is something that I was planning to do for a while.


It is a must nowadays. Good luck with thay πŸ‘ Then you should shift to Kubernetes πŸ‘

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What was your win this week?

Got to all your meetings on time? Started a new project? Fixed a tricky bug?

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