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100 Days of Code: WTF Moment

sentinel1909 profile image Jeff Mitchell ・1 min read

In my journey to learn Rust, I've been missing a direction and structure. I've lurched around, noodling with various tutorials, which helps in the moment but doesn't really contribute to long term retention of knowledge or building of skills.

Here on, I came across the recommendation to start up the 100DaysofCode challenge. Great, I thought, here's the structure I sorely need. I got myself set up with it and almost immediately tweeted out my declaration of getting started.

Immediately after, I had a WTF moment...

I have a terribly busy day the f**k can I do this and follow through?

I slept on it and concluded the next day that the challenge is whatever I make of it. If it takes two hundred days, who cares. I decided my incarnation of this challenge will be to work systematically through the Rust Book and document the journey. If there are side trips or rabbit holes, so be it, they will be written about.

I hope that you enjoy reading about the journey and derive some benefit in your own "learn to code" travels.

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Rudy Nappée

I would start with official Rust Book, then O'Reilly "programming with rust", you'll learn almost everything you need to know !

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Jeff Mitchell Author

Thanks! I find it difficult to just sit and read my way through the Rust book without working on something. I've been going back to it as a reference. I'll check out the O'Reilly book as well! :)