Yes, we've worked on building this out in the past but sort of overthought the whole thing and we never really got it in a place we were happy with it.

We don't have it again on the roadmap at this moment, but we could bring up the convo again. We do have plans to get into the job space in a way that will be helpful to the community, but are not currently working on that internally.

Either way, it's always great to get threads like this to know that there is demand for stuff along these lines.

cc: @peter @jess


The way that StackOverflow handles job ads is done very tastefully without the harassment that comes with LinkedIn, I definitely agree there is a market for this service done right for the developer community. Things like showing static job ads relevant to a candidate would be possible based on their profile, reads, etc, with the user having the option to opt out of these ads if they wished.


Just a thought...could having a job board make the platform disingenuous. And perhaps discourage the more casual open #discuss topics if they are tied to profiles?


I don't believe discussions here are "open" when 99.99% of people use their real names. I think of this as a little more casual LinkedIn in terms of openness.


I have not noticed the use of an alias affect discussions at all. I could be wrong.


I actually enjoy there being one place on the internet for developers where we aren't job hunting or being hunted. I think there are enough places to find jobs already.


This would cool so I’m on board with this , jobs based on this community would be nice.

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