re: Why employers on freelancing websites specify the web technology? VIEW POST


It could be many reasons:

  • They know are developers (or an agency) but they don't have time to work on the project so they want someone to work on it instead.
  • They investigated before publishing the job offer.
  • They heard or was told to use X technology.
  • They already have a product in certain technology and the job is to work in a new feature for it.
  • They have published another job offer previously and are just saying the technologies used before because that's what they know.

In most cases you can try to apply for the job and let it know you don't know the stack they want but can use another one. In the best case they can accept you and you can use your own stack, in the worst case you get a "no", but if you don't apply for the job you already have the no either way.

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