First post, first project

sergiuprt profile image Sergiu Pruteanu Updated on ・1 min read

Hi everyone!

My name is Sergiu and recently I've decided to change my career path to become a web developer. Currently, I’m working as a system administrator so who knows, maybe I’ll become a DevOps in the distant future :))
I have CS background — bachelor in microelectronics, so I know some coding(C, Arduino, some Python, Bash). Also, I've took courses for HTML, CSS and PHP, I guess the JS is next.
I was thinking about the switch for long time. Maybe for too long. Now I'm taking it serious and I've started to practice more and more. Nothing to showcase but hey I have a “starting” project — github. Feel free to use, ask questions, propose features or commit.
Thank you for your posts and challenges here on DEV, it’s a great community!


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