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Discussion on: I feel like the quality of posts in Dev is deteriorating

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Sylvie Fiquet

One of the problems is that all posts are created equal. You can spend hours writing a well-researched post or five minutes asking a question, they are treated the same in the feed. It makes it harder to scan.

We could solve this by adding a category to posts. Then we can treat them differently according to type. In particular we could filter by category. You don't like tutorials? Filter them out. You just want to relax and have a light read? See only the magazine-style and community posts. You want to focus on in-depth articles? Only see those.

At the very least I think we have three potential categories: technical posts (in depth article, tutorial, learning diary...), community posts (typically the ones in the side bar), magazine-style posts (listicles, advice...). Maybe there are others. Maybe some should be split into more categories, e.g. for the different types of technical posts.

Categories would differ from tags in that:

  • A post should have exactly one category.
  • It should be selected at the time of writing, just like you need to write a title.
  • Readers should be able to ask moderators for a change of type if they feel the one used is wrong.

To avoid people trying to game the system by selecting the wrong category, categories shouldn't impact the feed algorithm.