Laravel 8 REST API Authentication with JWT Tutorial by Example

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Throughout this tutorial, we’ll be learning how to authenticate REST APIs using JWT in the latest Laravel 8 version. You will learn how to create rest API using Laravel 8 with JWT authentication.

We’ll see how to set up JWT authentication in Laravel 8 and implement a secured REST API using the tymon/jwt-auth package.

Laravel 8 JWT Authentication Tutorial by Example
In this tutorial, we’ll see step by step to implement a REST API with PHP and Laravel 8 with authentication via JWT tokens.

Step 1 — Creating a Laravel 8 Application

Let’s start our tutorial by creating a Laravel 8 application using Composer — the dependency management tool for PHP developers.

Head over to a new command-line interface and run the following command:

$ composer create-project --prefer-dist laravel/laravel laravel8jwtapp

Step 2 — Configuring a MySQL Database

After creating your Laravel 8 application using Composer, let’s configure a MySQL database in our second step.

Open the .env file located in the root of your Laravel 8′ application. Next, add the following database configuration information:

DB_DATABASE= <database-name>
DB_USERNAME= <database-username>
DB_PASSWORD= <database-password>

Read the full tutorial -> https://shabang.dev/laravel-8-rest-api-authentication-with-jwt-tutorial-by-example/

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