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Getting Started with Denopack

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denopack is a module bundler built on top of rollup that supports tree shaking & minification.


If you want to use deno.land/x use:

deno run --allow-run --allow-read https://deno.land/x/denopack@0.10.0/install.ts
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If you want to use nest.land use:

deno run --allow-run --allow-read https://x.nest.land/denopack@0.10.0/install.ts
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Your config should be located under denopack.config.ts or rollup.config.ts.

Advantages Over Built-In Deno Bundling

All deno bundle does is download and copy every file that is used by the file you are bundling. denopack minifies the output and supports tree shaking for a lower bundle size.

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The bundling and minification toolset, made for Deno


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