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Discussion on: Hey Web, How Did We Get Here?

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Giacomo Tesio • Edited on

There are tons of alternatives, mostly completely unexplored.

Plan 9 and Inferno OS, just to cite my favourite ones.

Indeed the problem that the existing web is trying to solve (with pretty inadequate tools) is the problem of distributed computations.

The Web as an application platform cannot work.

We simply need better distributed operating systems.

Windows, Linux... every mainstream OS is simply a convoluted primitive stack of patches.

As for DARPA: it's a US Defense agency (and it does its job very well).

While every one can use the arbitrary code execution attacks that I describe against any identificable victim, the US serve most web traffic (through Cloud companies and CDNs).

As for Certificate Authorities I totally agree! That's one of the reasons I don’t like DNS-over-HTTPS.

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is inferno ready for day to day use

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Giacomo Tesio

Inferno is ready.

A better question would be if you need what it provides or not. ;-)