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What's your worst internet explorer story?

Microsoft has just announced they are ending support for internet explorer 11 for most of their online services, ending an era of web development headaches and heartbreaks.

With this, what are some of your best Internet Explorer horror stories? And will you miss Internet Explorer?

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Brian Mathews

Won't miss it. I worked in healthcare for a time in 2008. There was no convincing a hospital system to change away from IE9 for ~2000 workstations. The bug was in css and related to the number of inline style tags in the html. After 31 inline style tags (!!??), IE ignores the rest. So we tediously move all inline style tags to css files and notice styles are still not being applied. IE stopped parsing the css file after 4095 rules. We split the single file into two files and problem solved. Not sure how the previous dev team decided inline styles were a good idea, but it may have been related to the max 4095 css rules issue. At any rate, glad I don't have to deal with crappy code like that anymore.

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Gary Bell

The 4095 css rule in IE was always a great one to debug. Having to split CSS files at a specific point on a build (or in one case, after build) made for interesting work.

Bizarrely, the whole world seems to be all for chunking assets into smaller files now. Maybe IE was just ahead of its time.

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Ben Calder

Not worst, but memorable was a support request from an old-timer asking why our site wouldn't work in Internet Explorer... on his Mac! This was a few years after Microsoft had discontinued the Mac OS version :D

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Had a client fight us tooth and nail to support IE6 in 2012 (when IE9 had been out for a while), because their PC in store was running XP or some garbage. Two years later we quit supporting IE8 because even Microsoft dropped support. Felt good being able to leave polyfill hell.

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WAN Chun Yu (Willis)

A few days ago, I need to install some other browsers on a Windows Server. I launched IE, navigated to the Chrome download site, and the download button doesn’t work 😱

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A company I worked for forced the devs to use IE6/7/8 on their dev machines, because the customers use IE and it should allow us to find more bugs.

In the end we were allowed using Firefox because debugging IE bugs with Firebug was easier than using IE.

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Mike Bybee • Edited

Explaining to clients who said they still needed IE for some ActiveX plugin that they needed to fire whomever was responsible for leaving them dependent upon IE with an ActiveX plugin.

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Giorgos Sarigiannidis • Edited

It was a long time ago, probably 12 years or so, where a client was complaining that the website's design was inconsistent. It took us a few hours of back and forth with emails and phone talks until we figured out that she meant that the colors of the site didn't match the colors of Internet Explorer.

You can't blame IE for that, of course, but it's still funny.

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Andrew Baisden

Working for a company who's website had a falling user base of IE users but the company still wanted to support them. We had to support old versions of IE which were not even available in modern Windows so we had to install Windows XP on some test laptop. It slowed down the whole development process and added unnecessary work trying to figure out hacks and polyfills to get some feature to work properly when it already worked flawlessly in modern browsers.

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I have not used I.E since 10 years ago to install chrome on a Windows PC. And we have not been supporting it at work for a long long time.

I have no funny stories I guess xD

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Joseph Tully

this has to be the worst.....EVER.... so one day i installed windows. EXPLORER WAS RIGHT THERE!!! oh my it was terrifying.