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Discussion on: Project Universe & Helping Humanity

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  1. Yes. Crohn's disease rendered me bedridden in mid-2016, as a result I'm unemployed & have an over abundance of free time.
  2. I love video games & learning, the opportunity to play & learn real-life skills is very appealing.
  3. Intrusive ads & pay-to-win.
  4. Yes! I love Earth, it's absolutely beautiful, but I'd love to explore the universe & meet aliens.
  5. Yes! It'd be scary, but as long as we plan carefully, we should be fine.
  6. Yes, there's no way the universe is this big and old for Earth to be the only planet with life.
  7. Yes, but not part of the first group.
  8. Yes, I found it to be an okay depiction of our future.