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Discussion on: What's your coding origin story?

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Sharon DiOrio • Edited

I'd gotten my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communication Advertising Design, and then promptly went to work at the mall. Started into desktop publishing, then administrative assistant, then doing Power Point presentations for a fast-growing management consulting firm...for a living. Got instantly bored with the Power Point stuff and ended up taking on computer support/network admin. At one point I took down the East Coast WAN due to a mistake in routing tables. Good times.

Moved "up" into "corporate IT support" and found that move up meant less hands-on, and more counting software licenses in a spreadsheet compiled from IT people around the globe.

Misery ensued.

I asked if we could have a database created to track the licenses. CIO told me "No. Go learn it." Um...OK. Took my first class in databases and relational design. LOVED IT Put my little Filemaker Pro database on the intranet with something called Lasso. LOVED IT Turned weeks of compiling spreadsheets into pressing a report button once a quarter. Got bored again and learned about something called ColdFusion that could do the same with SQL. Took that class and introduced it to our engineering group, that was stuck developing with Oracle Web Tools. THEY LOVED IT TOO Asked CIO if I could move into engineering. Was told "You don't have a CS degree...LOL...go back to spreadsheets".

So I found a job in a web agency doing development full-time in about 3 days. This was before web-based tutorials and Stackoverflow. So I learned everything else either from reading the %#&@-ing manual, asking lots of questions, or failing a lot. Data structures. Algorithms. Good coding styles. Just kept learning. Did a ton of SQL and back-end work over the years. Ultimately moved into Javascript, NoSQL and front-end frameworks. Still learning everyday.

After all this time, I've proven that there's little out there that I couldn't learn to do.

Except white-board coding interviews. shudders

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