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WhyNotWin11- Windows 11 Compatibility Checker Download & Use!

Windows 11 is one of the latest and advanced OS currently being developed by Microsoft Corporation. Windows 11 is developing as featured loaded to provide a seamless experience to users! One of the best features is that Dark Mode on Windows 11. However, you cannot able to install Windows 11 as the previous Windows versions on all of your devices include Laptops and Desktops.

This Windows 11 OS has some requirements and if it fails then you cannot able to install this OS on your device. What and which are the basic requirements that Windows 11 requiring for? There comes the WhyNotWin11 application. This application basically checks all the basic specifications required for installing Windows 11 on your device.

WhyNotWin11 Software:

WhyNotWin11 is an open-source and free application developed by Robert C Maehl. This is one of the most accurate applications developed ever to find the Windows 11 Installation compatibility for your devices. You can find more information on the official Github page. To use this app, you need to download it from their website We suggest you choose the stable release for an accurate result.

How to use WhyNotWin11 App:

After downloading this application from the above link, kindly follow the below steps:

  • Open this application
  • If any warning box pop-ups on your screen and then you simple click the More option and click “ Run Anyway ” option
  • After that, this application will initiate the analysation of your device.
  • In less than a minutes this app will produce the result.
  • From the result itself, you can easily understand that your device is suitable or not for Windows 11.

Below Images are added for your example references.

WhyNotWin11- No Windows 11 Compatibility:

Your device is Not Suitable

WhyNotWin11- Yes Windows 11 Compatibility:

Your Device is suitable
Your Device is suitable

Features of WhyNotWin11:

  • Comes with easy GUI.
  • Checks all the requirements and displays the results accordingly.
  • Green and Red colors are used for the simple understanding.
  • This tool checks RAM, BIOS, TPM and many more essential requirements too.
  • This application provides you the hardware failure information and so you can able to solve those.

Microsoft’s PC Health Check software:

Microsoft provides the official PC Health Check Software which instantly analyzes your device and will tell you the result of whether your device is compatible with installing Windows 11 or not. This application is available on their official website. You can visit the webpage here:

Download PC Health Check Software:

How To Use PC Health Check Software:

  • Goto Start button
  • Enter the term About
  • Tap on the About your PC System Application option
  • In that,
    • If your device shows 64-bit mode and then you need to choose 64-bit download from above link
    • If your device shows 32-bit mode and then you need to choose 32-bit download from above link
    • If your device shows Safe mode and then you need to choose Safe download from above link.

Once you run the application it will show you the result of your device compatibility. The below image is the example that simply explains how this PC Health Check Software will work on your device!

PC Health Check Software.
PC Health Check Software.


WhyNotWin11 is the best application to check your device compatibility. From the above writings, you can also come to the conclusion. Kindly use the WhyNotWin11 application and know your device’s compatibility. If you have any queries related to this topic and then kindly comment to us below. For more Windows 11 based articles and then kindly refer to our HomePage.

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