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re: I agree that Rubygems is one of the main reasons that people stick with Ruby and it is an amazing resource. I've written my fair share of gems ove...

Rubygems is great but I do not rely on it.

I can write whatever I need just fine, if I need it.

I wrote my own "package" manager in ruby and have been using that for ~13 years to manage my *nix systems.

I once joked that Elixir is powered by thousands of angry Rubyists

Elixir has great ideas; erlang is awesome, but the syntax of erlang is UTTER SHIT.

But even then, too few people use elixir; and even fewer use crystal.

Say what you want about ruby but ruby IS used by LOTS of people.

I think this is mostly about maturity but I think it will get there.

This depends on how many people use a language. Crystal struggles a lot because of this - too few people go into crystal. Which is a shame. But I myself also am not using crystal, primarily due to lack of time; but also because the type-madness leads to syntactic monsters that I don't want to deal with.

Note that ruby 3.0 will get additional type information, so some of your fake-complaints above may be answered.

I still think your article is horrible though. Please try to make your points more objective in general.

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