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re: I find this discussion really interesting. Even as an experienced (whatever that means!) developer I find the sheer amount of "stuff" to learn (or...

I wonder whether self-taught developers also benefit from communities (for support, seeking advice etc.) and would find this just as useful as the courses themselves. Yes of course self-taught devs benefit from communities, in fact they need it a lot. Self-taught doesn't mean they're introvert, they just don't find the system worth it or can't afford it.
On the issue of maps. I have had people ask for a "learning plan" which I guess is the same thing.
Actually, by map he doesn't mean just a curriculum (many of which are available online), he means a map of reality as in how does the industry work ? what is the job market like ? and things like that which a professional would know implicitly.
I think internships and mentoring can help with these, but very few get them.

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