How to build a team for hackathons/competitions ?

Shivam Singhania on January 16, 2019

I participated in freecodecamp JAMstack hackathon in November and my team couldn't even finish (we were a bunch of beginners). We built Teamathon... [Read Full]
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Talk to people. Surprisingly simple, isn't it? Developers aren't very social, but if you start chatting with people the moment you arrive, you can find out what their passions, strengths, and ideas are. Do they mesh with yours...ask if they'd like to work with you? People, even shy people, love to talk about themselves when someone shows genuine interest. It just takes a little courage to speak those first couple of words and open up.

Keep a balance of developer, designer, business, and marketing. Developers make things, designers make it look good, business makes it financially feasible, and marketing spins the pitch to make it memorable and win.

When you work with people and get to know them, you become friends. Then you might attend another hackathon and work with your new friends on another project. I've made some great friends who used to be of the benefits I still appreciate from attending so many hackathons.

Sometimes technology isn't needed. Keep it simple. ;-)

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