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Your title brings me to that article.
I was very interested to ear about your journey from Windows to Linux.
I tried Linux in 2004 and at that point I had a very hard time with. Nothing was working and my very first laptop literally broke using Linux.
That was a very bad first experience from the Open Source Community. :-D

Then a few years later, I tried Linux again, and it was way better.
And I am now a full time Linux user.
Thanks to Web development, the software proposition on Linux is as great as it is on any other platforms.
And I must say that for photography management it is even better than on Windows or MacOS (Darktable and Shotwell is a perfect mix).
I really love Ubuntu for its huge compatibility with hardware and software but I indeed changed the flavour and installed Ubuntu Budgie.
That gives the best of the Solus desktop environment but in Ubuntu which has, at the moment, a great number of softwares available.

Had a great time on Linux.

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