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Discussion on: What were (or are) your initial thoughts about the technology/software development industry?

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Nick Shoup

Before breaking into the industry, I thought that developers needed a computer science degree or be a super genius of sorts. What I've found is that in it's like most other industries. Networking makes a difference and it still often times comes down to who you know, not what you necessarily know. Your reputation will proceed you.

I think a lot of industry trends depend on location as well. I live in an area with a lot of demand for tech workers and a shortage of people who have the knowledge necessary to do the work. Was an advantage to me when coming from a self-taught background as out most likely helped lower the barrier of entry into the field.

Another thing I've noticed is that titles are not universally applied in the industry, which really shocked me at first. I came from an engineering background where certifications were necessary and part of your title. I've seen people called senior developers with two years experience and junior developers with more than four years. Go figure.

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Laura Weatherhead Author

Yeah that’s interesting about the job titles - you’re right that there’s not really accepted benchmarks for when you transition from one level to another, it all seems to be down to individual companies and confidence.

I guess also because info tech is still a moderately young industry and essentially generating new branches every year we’re prone to slightly off the wall job titles. Titles that don’t mean a great deal but are fun like “SysAdmin Wizard” and “Network Guru”. Cute but somewhat meaningless to anyone outside the industry!