Remote Work and Your Experience

shoupn profile image Nick Shoup ・1 min read

I’m interested in potentially transitioning to remote programming work, and I’d be interested to hear from people who have this experience and what they think of it.

I've worked for a couple of companies that allowed some flex in schedule with a day and sometimes two a week working from home. I find that I'm often more productive, and not necessarily needing to be in a traditional office setting.

I'd be interested to hear from anyone's experience of taking a more traditional 9-5 role and converting that into a remote position and what steps you took to get there.



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From my experience I would give 3 star 🌟 rating for working remotely.


  1. Work in PJs 😋
  2. Work late night and wake up late. 🌃
  3. Personalized room/desk setup 🖥️
  4. Listen to music with/without headphones 🎧


  1. Traffic noise (my house is adjacent to main road of the city) 🚙
  2. Dog barking (my pet dog usually bark wherever he sees a dog) 🐕
  3. Other noises like family members watching television, something is cooking in kitchen. 📺
  4. Slow internet connection 🔗

I agree about the ability to make your work environment your own is a strong merit. I have most of the demerits you mention taken care of, however I do have family at home and sometimes this can be a bit noisy. Good point.


How did you resolve all those demerits?

Hi Yashu, I live in a fairly quiet neighborhood and also have the nicety of fast internet via fiber at 150Mbs. I am not sure where you currently are located but in the United States in most locations that are not completely rural, there is usually a decent connection. The one thing I've noticed sometimes is if I need to use a VPN, then things, of course, are going to be slower.

As far as the noise from my family at home, that one is not really resolved, I do have a separate room for my home office though and it's known not to disturb me if I am working.

Not sure if that helps you at all, but I found that I needed to communicate with my Wife and children that even though I am at home I am working and need to be left alone to do what I need to. For me there needed to be that understanding.

Internet connection problem can be still resolved easily, but getting a noise free life at work is impossible. 😂


I hace mixed job. Some days in the Office and some in home. You need to be very disciplined with your time in remote, is easy to lose the time window and work late or sometimes avoid meal time, if you are organized is great.


I have family at home, as well as live in a metropolitan area where there are a few people outside most of the time if I feel the need to be in the realm of meatspace. I find that most of the time I prefer the quiet of my home office over the interruptions of listening to others conversations, etc. But yes, I can understand the isolation of working remotely being something to be aware of.