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IOT Hidden Menu

'Internet of things' is abbreviated as 'IoT.' The enormous number of stand-alone or physical devices that are interconnected to exchange data with other devices via the internet is thus shown.

It also enables actual devices in the real world to be connected to the internet, to process data, and to do analytics. In addition, for users, it facilitates connection with the global information network This is also done without the use of a keyboard or monitor.

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Consequently, it suggests that numerous everyday items can get instructions from that network with the least human help.

Features of the IoT Menu

Indicate if something is correct by showing a

If you're having trouble with the display's colour accuracy, you may access the IoT menu to check what's going on. You're going to experiment with various outcomes. You may assume that your display is working correctly if your device passes all of the tests. You can see whether any app is interfering with your phone's display by checking for conflicts.

The sensor measures the distance between two points.

By bringing your screen closer to your ear during a phone conversation or getting a decision, you may have seen it dimming and eventually going off. This is often the case due to your smartphone's Proximity sensor. With this sensor, you may make and receive calls without worrying about being accidentally touched. The IoT hidden menu options allow you to see whether the proximity sensor is working or not. The sensor may be located within or next to the camera as well. Turning it off and on will let you see whether it's working. The screen should go dark when it's turned on.

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