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3 Best Multi vendor Marketplace Platforms & Shopping Cart Softwares 2021

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Businesses of various sectors get a wide opportunity to reach customers through multi vendor marketplace platforms. In the next five years, sales driven through multi vendor ecommerce platforms will cross $7 trillion. This rise has made many entrepreneurs embrace marketplace solutions for their business.

And there is a wide search for the best marketplace platform on the net. Since there are many shopping cart software available in the market, it is very essential to review the best multi vendor marketplace platform along with its pros and cons.

1. Zielcommerce – a very successful and unified multi vendor marketplace platform

ZielCommerce MP

The main objective of this enterprise grade marketplace platform is to provide complete control to the admin and to give the user the maximum flexibility through its self-customization and scalable features. Zielcommerce is built with vendor impressing functions that will attract more vendors to the multi vendor marketplace platform with less effort. Users will not face any security threats while using Zielcommerce as their multi vendor ecommerce platform.

Significant features of this most-trusted multivendor ecommerce platform.

  • One-time payment option with lifetime license.
  • Multilingual and multiple currency for global audience.
  • Multiple payment and shipping options
  • Best loyalty programs to delight customers.
  • Real-time tracking facility
  • Easy order and product management
  • Dedicated mobile application that supports both Android & IOS.

2. Hidden Brains – a user-friendly multi vendor marketplace platform

Hiddens MP

Hidden brains is a reputed marketplace solution that satisfies all user groups with its salient features and functionalities. This multi vendor marketplace platform is enriched with perfect UI & UX and grabs the attention of users and lets them stay in your marketplace platform for a long time. The mobile-friendly software will help you to get hold of the mobile users and will gain higher traffic to your multi vendor website.

The noticeable features of this multi vendor marketplace software

  • 100% customizable with scalable features.
  • Device responsive design
  • SEO-friendly enterprise ecommerce platform.
  • Social media logins integrated with this marketplace platform
  • End-to-end customer support
  • Multiple communication channels for customers to interact with sellers.

3. Multi Merch – a unique multi vendor marketplace platform

Multimerch MP

Multi Merch is one of the best marketplace platforms that contains the necessary features to make the platform to standalone in the market. The user-centered design is the key attractive feature of this multi vendor ecommerce platform. You can have multiple stores and can easily manage all the stores through this multi vendor marketplace software. You can easily convert your single ecommerce store to multiple seller stores through Multi Merch.

The key features of this multi vendor marketplace software

  • Customer review and rating system
  • Multiple payment gateways are integrated
  • Easy and simple user registration process
  • Advanced analytics and reporting
  • User-friendly mobile application.
  • Advanced search and filtering options

Wrapping Note

Always be clearer and more specific in what you want, especially before your select your multi vendor marketplace platform. Take time to compare many platforms and try to find the best multi vendor marketplace platform for your business. Marketplace solutions are the real need of the hour. So go through all reviews and features of the marketplace and choose the best marketplace that will leverage your business goals.

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