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Today I Learned: Some VIM tricks

Shriharsh on October 18, 2017

VIM Trick 1 - Create new file using NERDTree plugin Many VIM users depend on NERDTree plugin to browse directory but rare use it to cr... [Read Full]
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You can also use :e path/to/file.txt to open any file or if you want to write a buffer to another file you can do :w path/to//other/file.txt.

Also not that you can open a new empty buffer with :new (in split view) or :enew.

If you want to get rid of a buffer without saving it, you can do :bd!.


Thanks Jorin. :w with filepath is new to me. :)


I love nerd tree, and do probably half of my file management in it, moving copying, renaming, etc with that m command you can do a whole slew of things!


I'm the opposite. I don't understand its appeal, and would rather just use the built-in stuff.


Same as you, I don't understand the hype... it seems like changing desktop wallpaper.. no difference at all on your workflow

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