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Discussion on: A list of actually useful Nocode tools and I am not talking about site builders.

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Stefan Smiljkovic • Edited

Great list, thanks for sharing AppSmith, I was not aware of it.

Also, MailforGood is also great, and we are thinking about integrating it into our system and avoid expensive services like Mailchimp. Not sure about the mail deliverability rate, maybe that is related to domain health, or that is just the price we pay for good email delivery.

NoCodeAPI is solid, I am following it as well for a while. I think some UX could be even more simplified for "no-code" users.

Descript is no words .. Great tool.

BannerBear seems good, I saw it a long time ago. I think you can achieve a similar result using one Figma plugin + Zapier.

By the way, I am working on a powerful no-code web Automation tool, which gives you the ability to build complex web bots or scrapers in minutes. We are in private Alpha, but I believe if it is publicly available, that it would deserve to be on this list.