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Yearly Themes

shubhambattoo profile image Shubham Battoo Originally published at ・2 min read

Another year has reached its full, and 2020 was an eventful year for all. Setting up Resolutions for New Years is not
something new, lot of people do it and actually abide by it. But lets just face it most of the times we just forget
what it was or just could not keep up with the pace of the year.

Gym owners on 1st January

nothing could be more accurate

What are Yearly Themes?

Recently, came across this concept of Yearly Themes, which basically just means: You set a theme that describes a
change in your life or something you want to reflect on or explore in a season or year.

I discovered this concept recently thanks to CGP Grey he
made a nice video about them.

Basically you keep the theme at the back of your head for the Year or a season and it steers to your set path and
helping you make the right decisions.

Year of Health

I picked my theme for 2021: health

2020 has been very difficult for all of us. A year not like the others, staying home and you know the pandemic.

Sitting all day(most days) in my chair with hardly any movement. I want to seriously focus on my health and make
decisions which will make me healthy, going pro-health overall.

The best part about setting a theme is that, unlike a goal, I can't really fail at it, its a nudge.

Also want to work smartly and removing all the unnecessary stuff that stresses me out and in turn affects my health.
As themes provide a broad idea of what I want to achieve in the year, I can branch out and concentrate on slowing
down work-wise and being more present, recalibrating and enjoying.

This year a lot of decisions have gone into being lazy and unhealthy eating choices. I want to rectify those and move
towards more of a healthy approach to lead my life. Sitting for long hours on my chair, since working from home,
had really affected my lower back and increased neck pains. I want to cut back on my sitting hours and focus on
exercising a bit more than usual.

The uncertain future has kept me up a lot of nights. Another big change I want to bring is focused on a healthy
sleeping schedule as I have seen it does help with keeping a healthy state of my body.

Do you have a theme for your year? If so, what is it? Do share it

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