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I was fortunate to get a break right out of college in the year 2000. I was graduating in Statistics from Mumbai university and was simultaneously attending a 2 year computer programming course with a local school in Mumbai (Aptech). This course lead to a fortuitous interview call in a dotcom, they had just moved their offices to Mumbai.

They needed Perl & MySQL developers neither of which I knew at that time, but had some knowledge of Linux which they were using on the server side. Being right out of college, I joined them for next to nothing. And in the interview both me and a friend who had gone together presented a confident facade, which I guess helped to land us our first break.

During this stint I was fortunate to have a great group of techies around me, nearly all freshers who were very hungry to learn. We regularly used to have 12-14 hour days with no complaints, looking back I think I learnt most of my coding/logic building skills in that 2.5 year stint.

Keep the faith, present a confident (yet ready to learn and share) attitude. Good luck & god speed!

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