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Great job @cedricfung . I love kraken.fm/, been using this from the past couple of days, works like charm. I'm new to the pion community, excited to build something out of it. Wondering why Kraken was restricted to only audio? any specific reason. Thanks again for building Kraken.


Wow, thank you for the praise. I build Kraken for our remote team, and we use it everyday. Most of the team members are developers and we don't have the habit or need to show the face or any other video. And audio only will ensure high quality of the conversation at most time, even with more than 10 participants.


ah! that totally makes sense. Thanks for your response.
I am on a mission in building it too. I will share my version once I build it.

Great. Is your version also audio only?

targeting both video and audio.

wow. this looks like a full product. great stuff.

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