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How to Launch your Startup or Side Project on ProductHunt

@spekulatius1984 Thanks for this amazing writeup. This clear...

WebRTC Audio Conferencing Architecture

wow. this looks like a full product. great stuff.

WebRTC Audio Conferencing Architecture

targeting both video and audio.

WebRTC Audio Conferencing Architecture

ah! that totally makes sense. Thanks for your response. I a...

WebRTC Audio Conferencing Architecture

Great job @cedricfung . I love, been using this fr...


Still javascript joe here? Time to ge rusty 😃

Understand beyond "Hello World". How the machine interprets the code.

Thanks, @waylonwalker . I hope it was helpful to you :)

What was your win this week?

Thanks @genzouw

What was your win this week?

Thanks @vaibhavkhulbe 🙏🏼

What was your win this week?

Landing a new job 🎉

Has your job impacted your physical health?

I would like to mention the positive impact of my physical ...

The New Years Resolution That Changed My Career

Thanks for the writing @ben . I made a resolution last year...

how many cups of coffee you drink in a working day?

I thought it will be good catch bug to contribute. it's oka...

The truth about using Stack Overflow || Copy & Paste Developers

As long as we understand how it works. It's all good :) sav...

What was your win this week?

My first Open source contribution and its started with cont...

Practical Ways to Write Better JavaScript

Thanks, Ryland :)

Using Custom Authentication Backends in Django

explained it very well, Aaron. Thanks. Keep writing