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About a specific thing that is going on here (and mostly anywhere when talking about PHP)...

By no means PHP it's "not scalable".
As with any language I have being using for the past 15 years or so, you have just two options on scaling either you scale UP or OUT and that’s language agnostic, it depends on the architecture you choose. (We are talking about web development)

The same applies to the usual “PHP code it’s poorly-written” that’s BS
Poorly-written code will exist no matter the language or framework so saying that is objective.

PHP gained traction since 7.1 and that was on December 2016 and v7.0 was released almost at the beginning of 2016
All the links to the articles I've seen on the internet when someone talks about how bad PHP “is” were published prior 2016 or talking about PHP <=5.6

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