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Why on earth, are we in 2019 and still keep reading something between the lines of "PHP is Garbage"...

All the cons you mentioned are the result of bad coding practices and could be found no matter the language, except for the naming convention of its functions (I wonder what was going on) but that's it.

So let's stop this madness of PHP is bad because X Y Z...
I'm pretty sure that some years from now, people will say the same thing of Python, due to its actual popularity, a lot of new comers that will make mistakes and put some ugly code in the wild.

Sorry for the rant 😅.


Thanks for you comment Frank. Despite all the cons I mentioned about PHP I also mentioned some pros I love about it and that's one of the reasons I came back to PHP and this post was about my personal experience. Reading about comparison of two languages will will still be there since programming world is growing. But to be clear again I'M A PHP PROGRAMMER TOO! XD

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