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Discussion on: Why scrum has become irrelevant

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Sietse Trommelen

I feel like this post is more of a rant about how scrum is not working for you, instead of why scrum in general is 'irrelevant'.

Scrum is extremely powerfull to give a team focus on deliverables and growth, but you have to make your own adjustments in order to:

  • Keep it efficient
  • Get the quality to a desired level

If your retrospectives are boring, because everyone keeps bringing up the same good stuff, you might have to shorten or spice up your retrospective some other way. Same goes with quality. Scrum doesn't define that you need to do quality checks, that something you should do in your own development process.

Finally, I think the entire scrum methodology doesn't always work for any organisation. You should pick out the bits and pieces that work for your organisation/team and provide value. A good example of this are story points. In my organisation, working with story points is a hassle, since our customers expect a rough estimate in hours. What did we do? Don't estimate in story points, but in hours.