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Discussion on: How to build your own primitive surveillance system with Raspberry Pi in less than one hour 🔥

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Good simple project for the home user, and nicely explained.

My questions:

  1. I would like missing details about setting up the reverse SSH persistent access from a remote server/laptop ... A. WAN address= public IP address? B. How do you make RPi private IP "static"? C. Can the first time SSH password be skipped, or accessed from a pre-existing file on RPi? D. Any insights/code into having a few homes with one RPi each streaming to Cloud?

I think this multi home project will look great on GitHub with a detailed Readme as above !😃

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Vitaly Greck

I would recommend buying a small server, installing openvpn there and establish persistent vpn tunnels from the pis to that server.

or use ipv6 and "registrar" service (kinda dynamic dns) which will keep the list of currency running hosts.

works well for me, easy to access every pi, no hassle, to manual ip config etc.

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Nick Shulhin Author

Hi siliconhippy!

Thanks for your feedback, appreciate it :)

Yes, I probably had to be more specific in networking part: in my scenario I have a dedicated static IP address, which exposes my router.

Regarding a question of making Raspberry Pi IP static: almost in every router there is a functionality to assign static IP within LAN by MAC address, which means particular device will always have a reserved address for this kind of purpose.

Ahah, streaming to Cloud would be amazing, totally agree. However I specifically made this tutorial using only bare-bone solutions without much of third-party software or development. Sure, everything can be done with some amazing API + AWS on top with streaming and data storage/web interfaces.

I'll do my best to publish this project on GitHub, thanks for idea!