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Discussion on: Become a Fullstack JavaScript Developer, Part 5: The DevOps

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Simon Massey

I learnt Linux setting up small sites on VPS. So it is a great way to teach yourself devops. Yet VPS is cheapest because they are over provisioned on the host and so will hit a performance ceiling.

With a hobby project that is no problem. Yet for a business that needs to scale it won't be viable. A real business needs two hosts no matter the load to have high availability so they don't lose revenue due to down time. Scaling beyond one host becomes a fresh challenge on cheap hosting just when you don’t want that challenge. Autoscaling is built into PaaS.

I would suggest folks learn devops on a PaaS like openshift online first that can run a real business. That is Kubernetes that big companies like banks install in-house to use. A start up can use the public cloud version for fraction of the price of one quality dedicated cloud VM and have resilience and also scale up easily as they grow.