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Stop lost your time with your web node deployment

Hi Webmasters !

Today I show you how to deploy your webapp on a serverless service.

After, many thank for your support in my last post !

Let's started !

Did you know Vercel ? is a service who sync your Github / Gitlab repo for easy deployment.
When you push on the master Vercel rebuild you'r project and deploy if passed the build step.

create your account

The first step it's install Vercel CLI with this command:

npm i -g vercel

Next Create a Node project, like a VueJS project.

vue create my-awesome-app

inside your project set the repo:

git remote add origin
git add .
git commit -m "initial release"
git push -u origin master

now inside your app project


yes just this command without options can make the process of deployment easily

Vercel is awesome because you can set your domain for free ,but by default he give you a domain like for testing.

you can view log inside your dashboard

Enjoy the powerful of serverless

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Now, default branch in Github is main not master.

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Ayrton Author

Did you know another serverless services ?

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Github Pages with Github Action