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A few things about AMP that web developers may want to be aware of

Šime Vidas
・2 min read

When it comes to AMP, I have some issues with it but I also find some of its technical aspects quite interesting. Regardless of what you may think about AMP, I think it’s useful to stay informed about it and its continued development. Here are some things about AMP that may be relevant to you:

  • AMP pages are smaller in size because AMP disallows custom JavaScript.

    According to Tim Kadlec’s test results (from March 2018), AMP pages are significantly smaller in size when compared to their canonical pages (905 KB vs. 2,762 KB), and they also perform significantly fewer requests (61 vs. 318).

    Users whose mobile connections are slow or expensive, may prefer AMP for this reason.

  • The AMP library is regularly updated with new features.

    The most recent update includes an <amp-video dock> attribute that allows AMP pages to minimize the video to the corner of the viewport when the user scrolls, input masking that helps users fill out forms more efficiently (see example), and improved transitions for all images going to and from lightbox mode, among other things.

    An example of input masking

  • AMP ads offer security guarantees.

    Malte Ubl: Whatever you think about AMP, ads not being able to run arbitrary JavaScript, and having a format that can be verified to be safe without trusting the source is a huge step forward for the health of the web.

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