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Securing funding for Web Platform News

I create regular content for web developers on Web Platform News ( Here are some of the topics that I’ve written about recently:

  • Issue № 1017: CSS Scroll Snap is coming to Firefox but usability on desktop isn’t great
  • Issue № 1014: Safari brings Web Share to desktop
  • Issue № 1009: The <datalist> element is now widely supported but using labels causes issues
  • Issue № 1007: Web pages can now detect when Chrome’s window is covered by another window
  • Issue № 1005: The CSS scroll-padding property adjusts a scroll container’s optimal viewing region

I also publish weekly guest posts on CSS-Tricks (full list of my articles). These posts contain news for web developers and also feature my content from Web Platform News.

Today I’m announcing that I would like to secure funding for Web Platform News from companies in exchange for their promotion on the website. The promotional banner will be displayed between an issue’s main topic and news items, and will contain the company’s name and logo, a short description of their products and services, and one featured link (article on company blog, jobs page, or similar).

Here’s what I have in mind:

  1. A company funds one Web Platform News issue per month, and the company’s promotional banner is included in that issue forever (e.g., if a visitor views an issue several months after it was published, information about which company funded it is still included in the issue).

  2. I will publish a new issue every 7 days (every 3–4 days from September onward). The newest issue is always displayed on the website’s start page. All other issues from the past month are listed below the currently viewed issue.

  3. A company becomes a funder by joining the “Sponsor” tier on my Patreon page.

I’ve published only one issue in June (I also post daily news on my Patreon page). During the 7 days after the release of the June 5 issue, my website was viewed by around 5,500 unique visitors, according to Cloudflare’s analytics.

Patreon processes payments on the first day of each month. Since it’s the end of June, there’s not enough time for me to secure funding for all the (four) issues that I plan to publish in July, but I would still like to find one company that would help me test out this new funding model during the next month.

I’m interested in reputable companies that appreciate the content that I create for web developers and want to fund my work on a regular basis. For any questions, you can contact me at

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