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Weekly Web Platform News #1

Šime Vidas
Updated on ・2 min read

This is a selection of news items that have been published on between February 6 and February 11.

  • Nicolas Hoizey: The 100vh WebKit bug has been reopened. The CSS 100vh value is larger than the viewport height in mobile browsers.

  • DuckDuckGo: Most major tech companies, including Google, Facebook, and Twitter, do not respect the Do Not Track setting (DNT: 1 request header), which is used by around 24% of people. Apple will remove this setting in the next version of Safari (12.1).

  • Nick Colley: You can prevent the “sticky hover” effect on touch devices by defining your :hover styles inside @media (hover) rules. [demo]

  • Jen Simmons: The CSS Working Group is currently discussing whether virtual keyboards on touch devices should affect the viewport height (incl. vertical media queries and the vh unit).

    Note: On iOS, the virtual keyboard has no effect on the viewport height (window.innerHeight) and vh unit, but on Android it does (those values become smaller). Demo:

  • HTML Standard: Links with target="_blank" are now noopener by default.

    Note: This change has already been implemented in Firefox Nightly and Safari Technology Preview. If you set target="_blank" on links to external pages, make sure to also set rel="noopener" to prevent the target page from accessing your page (via window.opener).

  • Patrick Hulce: The average execution times of popular third-party scripts on the web (based on HTTP Archive crawl data and Lighthouse test results).

    The average execution time of some popular third-party scripts

  • Jen Simmons: CSS vertical-align: baseline is not a good default for <img> elements because it causes a small gap below the images (the space between the line box’s baseline and descender).

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