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Weekly Web Platform News #2

Šime Vidas
Updated on ・2 min read

This is a selection of news items that have been published on between February 13 and February 25.

  • Graham Armfield: The standard date picker control, <input type="date">, is still not safe to use as part of an accessible website (the browser validation error messages aren’t announced in some screen readers).

  • Phil Walton: Fonts with thin strokes (e.g., font-weight: 300) can be hard to read on 1dppx screens. You can use min-resolution media queries to limit thin fonts to high-pixel density screens.

  • Mike West: The HTTP Sec-CH-Lang header is experimentally supported in Chrome Canary. Our goal is to replace Accept-Language with an opt-in model “in order to reduce the passive fingerprinting surface we expose via HTTP requests.”

    The example section of the 'Lang' Client Hint specification

  • Rachel Andrew: The CSS Logical Properties module introduces new shorthands that enable setting both block or both inline values at once.

    The margin-block, margin-inline, padding-block, and padding-inline properties can be used via the PostCSS Preset Env plugin.

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