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Weekly Web Platform News #3

Šime Vidas
・2 min read

This is a selection of news items that have been published on between February 28 and March 11.

  • Catalin Rosu: If a browser doesn’t support at least one of the selectors in a selector list, the entire style rule is invalid. Hence, you may want to avoid grouping selectors that aren’t widely supported with other selectors.

    Note: The CSS Selectors module explains this rule in Section 4.1.

  • Andrey Sitnik: If your website loads heavy resources (e.g., 3D visualizations), consider loading them conditionally based on the saveData property, which signals that the user would like to reduce their data usage.

    Note: The navigator.connection.saveData property is set to true in some browsers when the user enables a “Data Saver” or “Turbo” mode (Google also provides a “Data Saver” extension for desktop browsers).

  • WebAIM: We’ve analyzed the home pages of ~730 thousand websites. The most common (automatically) detectable accessibility issues:

    Bar chart showing most common WCAG failures

  • Andrey Sitnik: If you’re dynamically performing a task based on a change in the user’s viewport width (e.g., loading a desktop-only component), consider using the matchMedia function instead of a 'resize' event handler.

  • Scott O’Hara: Chrome supports the standard HTML <dialog> element but this implementation is unfortunately still not suitable for creating modal dialogs because it does not provide a fully accessible user experience.

    To build a fully accessible modal dialog, you might as well ignore the <dialog> element for now and implement a fully custom version [or] ask yourself if you really need a modal at all.

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Thanks Šime, saveData and matchMedia seem awesome!