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Discussion on: Dev Is Not Construction. It's Medicine.

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Pavlin Angelov

Great article!

I totally agree that developers should not be isolated from the decision process.

For me, that is the biggest takeaway from the whole Agile movement.
Is not just about splitting your work into sprints and have a daily standup is about having access to ask questions, clarify specs, or throw them out the window if they no longer work.

That said there are certain types of programming jobs that work more like a factory assembly line... and that is fine. To use your metaphor about Medical care, not all programmers should be brilliant neurosurgeons, we also need nurses and general doctors and whatnot.

The funny thing about the construction metaphor is a lot of people use it because they think that everyone understands construction, but actually, most people don't.
Most people have no idea how much effort is involved in building a house, what are the steps you need to take, and how much is going to cost them.

Same as in Software there is not a single big and complex construction project that does not stumble on some unforeseen problem or complication that stretch its budget and deadline.

Thank you for the great article, it made me think about a lot of things.

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Adam Nathaniel Davis Author

Great feedback! And yes, it's absolutely true that most people don't really understand construction (myself included). If they did, they'd probably stop using that analogy.

I do believe that the process of designing software can be very similar to being an architect. But in the dev-is-construction metaphor we usually fall back on the idea that the actual construction phase is static - as though all the planning's already been done, and now those guys with the big machines and the power tools just need to "make it happen".