How to implement real-time notifications in my web application when i can't afford service like firebase ?

ADONIS SIMO on December 22, 2018

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Are you sure you can't afford it? How big is your service going to be?

Give us some numbers :-)


Actually it is weird since the manager don't want to use it in fact, he want a "custom solution". This is why i am saying i can't afford it.


Well, a custom solution is probably going to be more expensive than a managed one. I'm not following the logic :-(

Oh, ok. I think he hasn't given us enough information to respond with meaningful suggestions :D


The logic i had in mind it to build a simple websocket server app which will receive notification from application server and dispatch it to concerned clients which are currently connected. Like, in the same logic of working i mean


What kind of notifications? Simple data push can be done with Web sockets. For mobile, there are many solutions already available that you can self host.

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