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Add CSV Based Pricing Solution in Magento 2

CSV Based Pricing in Magento 2 Based on Length & Width Of Products

CSV based pricing extension helps store owners to price & sell products which are sold by size (length & width). You can display length & width input fields on product page, so that user can input their desired values.Price is automatically calculated as the user inputs the values. Merchants can price & sell paintings, fabrics, wood, flooring, tiles, etc. and other products which are sold based on height and width.

For this, merchants have to create a CSV file that contains price of products based on length & width. For Example, you can add the prices for the length & width in the following format in the CSV file.

csv pricing file sample

Have a look into this FME CSV Pricing Magento 2 Extension that enables you to add CSV based pricing solution to your Magento 2 store.

Key Features:

  • Product Pricing through CSV matrix sheet
  • 2-Dimensional Pricing based on length, width or height
  • Custom message for minimum value & maximum value
  • Customize message for size not found message
  • Product specific and Global CSV file settings for Products
  • Five measurements units: meter, mm, cm, feet, inches
  • Calculates in fractions

Check Magento 2 CSV Table Based Pricing Extension Demo here

Check CSV Pricing Uses Cases with Examples Here

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