HTML & XML SITEMAP PRO for Magento 2

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HTML & XML SITEMAP PRO for Magento 2

Magento 2 HTML & XML sitemap allows you to create multiple Sitemaps. The best solution to index and rank faster in major search engines like Google. The two sitemaps HTML help users to easily navigate on your site & XML sitemap helps Search Engine to understand your site in a better way.

You can customize the functionality and appearance of URLs using this extension.

Key Features

Generate Multiple XML Sitemaps

You can create multiple XML Sitemaps for thousands of your website URLs using HTML & XML Sitemap Pro extension which will help you to index fast in the search engine.

Include / Exclude Products, Categories, CMS & other URLs From XML Sitemap

You can add or remove images URLs while generating your sitemap. Adding image URLs will help you to improve your ranking in Google image searches.

Configure Priorities & Change Frequency and Other Details for Each Type of Page

You can configure Products in different ways.

  • Products
  • Categories
  • CMS Pages
  • Additional Links

Setup Cronjob to Automatically Add New URLs to Sitemap

Update your Sitemap automatically on daily basis, weekly basis or monthly basis by setting Cronjob.

Generate HTML Sitemap

HTML Sitemap helps your customer to navigate on your website easily. They can find products easily on your website.

Categorize URLs by Alphabetical Order and Type (Product, Category, CMS)

Make your website more easy to navigate for your customers. Categorize your product in Alphabetical Order and product type.

Include / Exclude Products, Categories, CMS & other URLs from HTML Sitemap

You can add or remove Products, Categories, CMS & other URLs from HTML Sitemap. You can also hide product from your HTML Sitemap which is out of stock and add new to them using this extension.

For more Detail & Demo- Magento 2 Sitemap

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