Magento 2 Send Invoice Email Extension

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Send a copy of invoice in email using Magento 2 send invoice email extension. This extension lets you send a copy of invoice using email at the time of checkout process. Provide the option of invoice field on registration form and at checkout page as well. invoice email field field will be only for sending a copy of invoice. After the customers have provided an invoice email, they can change it as well for the other invoice. You can write title of invoice email field as well using Magento 2 send invoice email. Upgrades and support are free for lifetime for this extension.

Key Features

• Add send email invoice field on the registration form
• Provide option of sending email invoice at check out step
• Let customers edit and update send invoice email
• Customize title of Magenti 2 send invoice email field
• Free lifetime upgrades with money back guarantee

To Explore More Features, Visit: Magento 2 Send Invoice Email


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